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Wow, it’s been a long time since we last talked. In fairness, I’ve been hard at work. As you probably know, for a long time I’ve been working on a startup calledinfogami. If you’re interested in the full story,I’ve written a long blog post about itbut in short, last November I joined the amazing team behindreddit, merging our two companies.
Then, about a month ago, I quietly released the first version ofinfogamito the public. It was a very early version with hardly any features and I didn’t tell anyone about it, but we still got several thousand sites created using the software.
Since then, I’ve kept my promise of releasing a new feature every day, steadily improving the site bit by bit. There are a couple things I’m particularly proud of, including our advanced permissions system which gives detailed control over exactly who can do what with your site andthe blame featurethat was put together by my friends Zack Coburn and Sean B. Palmer which shows exactly who wrote what in a document. And of course there’s much more to come.
Of course, working on just one project all the time is a little much, so I’ve been taking little breaks to work on new hacks. This weekend I built a little site called (for now, at least)Simple Amazon. I was annoyed with how slow it was to search Amazon — first you have to load their complicated front page, type in your search in the tiny hidden box, then click the link to filter it just for books and so on. With Simple Amazon, you just go to a URL like:
and you get a listing of lisp books superfast with covers and links to price checks. You can also use links like:
to provide shorter links to Amazon.
Anyway, I guess that’s about it for now. If you’re interested in following my more day-to-day work, I’m publishing company-related stuff over on theinfogami blog. Currently it’s mostly just reports about our new features, but I hope to write more about the startup life and things like that.
All the best!
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March 27, 2006